Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people take control of their lives. To build their self-esteem. To help them identify their purpose. And to empower themselves. Period.


No motivational speeches, no hyper aggressive life coaching tactics, no pseudo-spiritual mantras, no brainwashing. We teach real life lessons from experience that dig deeply and directly into the self-work that many of us tend to avoid, but that we all must do in order to survive in this world. Even more so if we want to thrive and create a great life for ourselves.

We help men reconnect with their masculine power, and women to reconnect with their feminine power. The essential value of self-esteem and defining our individual purpose are core to what we focus on throughout our teachings. Without a true understanding of this, life can seem aimless, and in many cases, hopeless until these key fundamentals are learned, understood and applied.

Through our lessons and programs, FEEL DIFFERENT is proven effective across people of all ages and types. We do not promote or claim to grant you instant happiness or any quick magic tricks to “fix” your life all of a sudden. Our work is designed to provide you with lifelong tools that you can root yourself in and continue to grow with as a strong, confident, self-empowered individual. Learn how to FEEL DIFFERENT and start living YOUR life today.