about Orlando Owen

Who is Orlando Owen?

With over 35 years of professional experience, Orlando Owen has been helping people empower themselves for decades. He has helped countless men and women of all types to overcome various stages of extreme pain and dire circumstances through instilling life changing practices that build self-esteem and give way to finding, or creating, their life’s purpose.

Orlando’s mission is that of a relentless seeker, a student of true human connection. He has devoted his life to exploring the truth of the inner self across multiple languages, regions and cultures. Orlando has roamed North, Middle and South America in search of what we think of as true fulfillment. He lived with shamans and healers, military and tribes, whores and priests. He studied Tantra and Taoist sexual techniques with different grandmasters and dakinis, learned from hypnotists about the depth of the subconscious, and walked through exotic worlds that are completely unknown to the average “normal” individual.

Throughout his quest, what has impacted Orlando most greatly has been the different kinds of shamanic initiation rituals he has witnessed. The pattern and meaning within these rituals, as experienced first hand, is the rite of passage that in order to become an adult, the child inside must die! Initiations have played a big role in every ancient culture and generally, in all tribal communities. They turn children into adults and give them identity, values and a direction in life.

Through this first hand experience, Orlando had what he considered to be a revelation, not only in answering his own questions of purpose, of fulfillment, of self-identity, but what has come to be his life’s work. Because this initiation ritual that has been so commonly embedded in cultures across the world for centuries has all but diminished in modern society, it is clear that in the absence of these rituals, our collective identity crises and lack of purpose is so prevalent.

Depression, anxiety, feelings of emptiness and unhappiness – these are common conditions of our culture, now more than ever. Orlando has made it his mission to combat this state of being with practices that dig into the true root of these conditions. Throughout his work, Orlando talks and writes about overcoming fears, building self-esteem, finding real connection in relationships, and embracing our individual purpose. He has been an established international public speaker for 15 years, both in the US, and in Europe, helping people take control of their lives. FEEL DIFFERENT is the modern initiation ritual, and Orlando is the guide.